NBA Jam Raves & New Excerpt November 04 2019

As we get closer to the Nov 14 paperback release, I wanted to share an excerpt of the book that we published in Polygon about the game's history of including secret characters:
Already, Old School Gamer Magazine raves, "It is incredible how much of an influence NBA Jam had, and now it is carefully curated in this book. If you’ve ever played a game of NBA Jam, you owe yourself to hear the story behind this game."
GDC's Simon Carless says he's "Loving the book," citing "lots of meticulously researched detail on obscure hidden characters & loads more."
And from Youtube reviewer Caleb J Ross: "I'm not a sports game fan or an arcade game fan, but the story Ali tells is so interesting and well-researched that it doesn't matter. If you like video game history, you need to buy this book."
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