Resident Evil by Philip J Reed

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Release Date: August 25, 2020
192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-940535-25-8
Now a sprawling video game franchise, Resident Evil has kept us on the edge of our seats for decades with its tried-and-true brand of jump scares, zombie action, and biological horror. But even decades after its release, we can’t stop revisiting the original’s thrills, chills, and sometimes unintentional spills

Pop culture writer and horror cinephile Philip J Reed takes dead aim at 1996’s Resident Evil, the game that named and defined the genre we now call “survival horror.” While examining Resident Evil’s influences from the worlds of film, literature, and video games alike, Reed’s love letter to horror examines how the game’s groundbreaking design and its atmospheric fixed-cam cinematography work to thrill and terrify players—and why that terror may even be good for you.

Featuring a foreword from Troma Entertainment legend Lloyd Kaufman and new interviews with the game’s voice actors and its live-action cast, the book serves as the master of unlocking the behind-the-scenes secrets of Resident Evil, and shows how even a game filled with the most laughable dialogue can still scare the pants off of you.

Philip J Reed is an award-winning author and critic living in Denver, Colorado. He has written about games for outlets including Nintendo Life and TripleJump, and is the author of The Wolf Man from Die Die Books. Reed manages Noiseless Chatter and is allergic to cats.


A Resident Evil fan’s dream.” - Cubed3

“It’s an extremely entertaining look at all aspects of horror, as well as an unexpectedly touching story of growing up in a small town with only movies and games to occupy one’s time.” 4.5/5 - Geek to Geek Media

“A fascinating tale of Resident Evil nostalgia.” - MMO Fallout

“The way [Reed] writes about this seminal classic is ardent and infectious to the point of being a fantastic page turner.” - Obtain Potion

"Really well-written ... a book that presents a fantastic history of an iconic game that’s had a history, up to this point, that’s been fueled by plenty of speculation versus actual facts. [...] If you’re looking for a great book on gaming to read, this is one that’s well worth picking up.” - Daniel Stransky, That Jersey Gamer

“A rewarding read that will leave you’ll with a greater understanding and appreciation of this shlocky survival horror classic.” - GameSpew 

“A whole lot of horror with a little dash of life. [...] Whether you only remember the early Resident Evil games or are still a fan of the franchise today, this deep dive into survival horror is easy to get through and worth your time.” - Dead Entertainment

“A spectacular book.” - Paul Werkema

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