Pitch Submissions


We are currently CLOSED to pitches until 2019.



During our open reading period, you can send your pitch (or ideas/questions) to pitches@bossfightbooks.com.

Here's what we want: (1) A pitch that gives a strong, clear sense of what you'd do with the book and why you're the one to write it. (2) Links to or attachments of other writing you've done. (3) Optional: A sample chapter or section from the proposed book.

How long should my pitch/sample be? Not necessarily that long. And it does not need to be as polished as an actual book. Your job, again, is to give us a strong sense of what you'd do with the book.

We'd love to hear from writers of all stripes, including women, LGBT writers, writers from outside the US, and writers of color.

A few notes:

1. You're welcome to pitch books on newer games, just nothing that came out in the last year.

2. Because variety is the spice of life, we will not accept pitches on: Mother, Super ZZT, Super Mario Advance, The Lost Levels, Galaxian, Jagged Alliance, Baldur's Gate, King of Kings: The Early Years, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, Ico, Go to Hell, Beautiful Katamari, Kingdom Hearts, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, KotOR 2, or Postal 2.

3. Nonfiction only.

4. Other hints:

- We'd love to see some pitches in game genres we haven't gotten to explore yet.

- We seem to get extra excited when you show us that (1) you are serious about ambitious, thoughtful, researched writing AND (2) you write in a voice that is not overtly academic/jargony.

 - Sometime we'd love to do another book in the Spelunky vein in which a game creator writes about their own game. Sometime we'd love to do a visual "graphic novel"-style exploration of a game in the tradition of Understanding Comics.

5. It'll take us awhile to get through all the subs! Also know that we won't be able to say yes as often as we'd like. Each of these books is an enormous time commitment and our team is very small.

Thanks, everybody!