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The Series

Boss Fight Books, founded in Los Angeles in June 2013, publishes nonfiction documentary-style books about classic video games. Each of our books takes a critical, historical, and personal look at a single game.

Some books focus on the history of the game’s creation, some focus on particular elements like level design, story, and music, some investigate the subculture that has formed around a game, and some reflect on the game's role in the author's own life.

Each book is written by a different author from in or out of the video game industry. We work with game designers, game journalists, novelists, voice actors, film critics, musicians, and artists. Most of the time, a book's subject is chosen by the author because they are passionate and curious about the game.

Who are these books for?

Anyone with an interest in games. An interest in how they’re played, how they’re made, how they’re talked about, who they’re for, what gaming does to/for us, their opportunities as an art form, where they’ve been, and where they are going. We think games are worthy of our respect, curiosity, and criticism.

How are the books released?

Each book is released simultaneously in paperback and as an DRM-free ebook (epub, mobi, and pdf). Books are sold from our site, the Kindle Store, the Google Play store, and in select bookstores. In the United States, paperbacks typically take 5-8 days to arrive. Internationally, 3-5 weeks.

How do I learn more about each book?

You can check out our Press page for reviews and blurbs, and read Goodreads and Amazon reviews of all the books.

You can also read an excerpt of each book below: