Jagged Alliance 2 Update August 06 2014

Hey All,

Hope you're having a great summer.

We're getting really excited here to deliver book #5 in less than three weeks on Monday, August 25. It's Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi. We're really proud of it. This is the first title in our series in which the author has been granted full access to the game's creators. It offers a detailed look at how a great game gets made, as told by a writer who has spent a lot of time in the game industry himself. The book also features a foreword from games journalist Rob Zacny. We're tweeting snippets from the book all month from @BossFightBooks.

If you're a writer and you'd like to read an early digital review copy of JA2, please let us know at

In the cool press department, we've got new reviews of Chrono Trigger, Galaga, Galaga, and a Galaga excerpt.

For just a couple more days, anyone who buys a paperback from our store can enter discount code "DOLLA" on checkout for $1 off.

Meanwhile, the final book of Season One is following close behind. Super Mario Bros. 2 by Jon Irwin comes out in late September. I think you'll find it's worth the wait!


Gabe Durham / Boss Fight

Boss Fight at BuzzFeed & More March 24 2014

Hey Everybody,

A few tasty media morsels:

Buzzfeed interviewed Ken Baumann and Gabe Durham about Boss Fight & EarthBound.

On the new episode of the podcast My So Called 8bit Life, Michael P. Williams talks Chrono Trigger with host Roberto Villegas.

Polygon covered Darius Kazemi's Critical Proximity talk on what a game's code can tell us. The actual talk is here.

The first chapter of EarthBound gets the Rap Genius treatment.

WRITERS: Don't forget to reach out if you want an early digital galley of Chrono Trigger by Michael P. Williams.

Everybody else: It's coming SOON. The paperbacks are being printed as we type.


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EarthBound Shipped + Book #2 News January 28 2014

Hi Everyone,

All print copies of EarthBound have shipped! Most of you have already gotten them in the mail, and the rest of you should be getting them very soon.

THANK YOU to all who have helped us celebrate this book across the medias. Photos of EarthBound in the world will be retweeted by @BossFightBooks, especially those featuring dogs or bumblebees.

Some cool press from the last couple of weeks:

"At last, EarthBound gets the paperback it deserves." - Kill Screen

"Ken reaches into his childhood and remembers Shigesato Itoi’s game. But much like Ness, by remembering the game and his experiences with it, Ken also remembers a part of himself." - Coin Battle 

"Excellent." 10/10 - Nerdlife

"So much fun." - Bookrageous

"The breadth of Baumann's interests and his infectious love for humanity make him the perfect writer to do this game justice." - The Rumpus

“I hope this book lives to be read after we’re gone.” - HTMLGIANT


Now let’s talk business. As I’ve mentioned before, the order of our Season One titles will be based on the order in which they are ready. Well, we’re now ready to call the next book: Book #2 will be Chrono Trigger by Michael P. Williams.

Chrono Trigger is the book that was decided by vote by our Kickstarter backers during the campaign last summer. To determine the author, we opened it up to pitches, and gave the job to a writer who wrote a proposal/excerpt that blew me away. He got to work immediately. Michael and I are currently hard at work on edits, and I’m really pleased with how the book is turning out.

In the meantime, anyone who wants can pre-order the book here or order it here when the book is out.


Last: Anna Anthropy just emailed me her ZZT first draft. I'm about to go print it out and dig in.

Last-last: There are 30 Kickstarter backers who have yet to fill out their surveys. Please head over to and fill out your survey so we can lavish you with book(s).

Oh! And last-last-last: I want to brag on our author, Darius Kazemi, for his Boston Globe profile. Let’s pray he never turns his bots against us. 

Thanks, all!

Gabe Durham, Boss Fight