Nightmare Mode: A Boss Fight Books Anthology

$ 2.95

Release Date: October 26, 2021
Fomat: eBook only
136 pages

So you've managed to best our most fearsome books? Well gear up, brave adventurer: It's time for some DLC. Boss Fight’s authors have done so much great writing you won’t find in their books, so we decided to put together our very own B-sides & rarities compilation: Nightmare Mode.

In this anthology you’ll delve into lost chapters and timely essays in which Boss Fight authors return to the games and series that inspired their full-length titles. Inside you’ll encounter:

  • David L. Craddock on how Shovel Knight's developers collaborated with speedrunners,
  • Alexa Ray Corriea on the characters and themes in Kingdom Hearts III,
  • Alyse Knorr on how Princess Peach’s story draws on 2000 years of women in peril,
  • Alex Kane interviews the man behind Star Wars Battlefront II's use of motion capture technology,
  • Salvatore Pane on the fan projects that have kept the Mega Man series alive,
  • Philip J Reed interviews S.D. Perry about her beloved Resident Evil novels,
  • Gabe Durham on how Zelda's fandom influenced the official Zelda timeline,
  • Jon Irwin savors the anticipation of waiting for a new Mario game,
  • Chris Kohler interviews Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu about his legendary soundtracks,
  • and Michael P. Williams on how Chrono Trigger fits into the Japanese tradition of retrofuturism.

If you’ve read these authors’ Boss Fight Books, Nightmare Mode offers you a fresh angle on a familiar topic. And if you’re just encountering their writing for the first time and you like what they have to say, we’ve got whole new books awaiting you.

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