Kingdom Hearts II by Alexa Ray Corriea

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Release Date: June 27, 2017
144 pages
ISBN: 978-1-940535-16-6

Light and darkness. Heroes and villains. Final Fantasy epics and... Donald Duck? The Kingdom Hearts series has always walked a fine line between masterfully executed crossover and nonsensical fan mashup, but Square Enix and Disney's intercompany franchise remains beloved throughout numerous sequels, prequels, and remixes. Despite the outlandish premise and convoluted lore, what lies at the heart of Kingdom Hearts is more than familiar to fans of Final Fantasy and Disney alike: friendship.

For games critic and JRPG superfan Alexa Ray Corriea, no game in the series better exemplifies friendship than Kingdom Hearts II. Corriea's close reading of protagonist Sora's struggles and triumphs, his friendship with rival Riku, and his dark journey into oblivion illuminates how the unlikely universe of Kingdom Hearts authentically portrays human relationships better than any solo Final Fantasy or Disney game ever could. Just as Kingdom Hearts II is greater than the sum of its parts, Corriea's exploration of the game's themes and emotional depths reveals how each of us is stronger for the people who surround us.

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Alexa Ray Corriea has been writing about games professionally since 2011. Over the years her work has been seen on G4, Polygon, and GameSpot. She is also a host and co-founder of the video podcast series What's Good Games.


"Alexa Ray is well aware that the premises and narrative of Kingdom Hearts are absurd, and she sails straight into that ridiculous storm. [...] In a world where Mickey Mouse and Sephiroth exist alongside Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean, a road map is certainly helpful for sorting it all out. Kingdom Hearts II is the perfect guide." - NowLoading

"If this is the start to a new age of discussion over the series, I welcome it with an open heart." - KH Insider

"Whether you're a fan highly anticipating the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts III, looking to better understand the story, or wanting to learn more about production details of the series, Kingdom Hearts II is a fascinating read for fans of any caliber." - Game Skinny

"If Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that haunts you like it haunts me, or if the combination of Final Fantasy, Disney, and My Chemical Romance-esque drama just sounds like a good time, then Corriea’s Kingdom Hearts II is a helpful guide." - Heavy Feather Review

"With anticipation and hype for Kingdom Hearts III currently escalating, now is the perfect moment to reflect on the franchise’s history, and Corriea’s Kingdom Hearts II provides that backward look with both well-earned pathos and scholarly rigor." - Cartridge Lit

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