Postal by Brock Wilbur & Nathan Rabin


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In 1997, game studio Running with Scissors released its debut title, Postal, an isometric shooter aimed at shocking an imagined pearl-clutching public. The game focused on a disgruntled "Postal Dude" whose goal is to murder as many people as possible. It was crass, gory, and dumb—all of which might have been forgivable if the game had been any fun to play.  

Postal gained enough notoriety from riding the wave of public outrage to warrant a sequel. And DLC. And a remake. And, perhaps most surprising of all, a Golden-Raspberry-winning feature film adaptation directed by the infamous Uwe Boll.  

In this thoughtful and hilarious tag-team performance, comedian Brock Wilbur & media critic Nathan Rabin mine the fascinatingly troubled game and film for what each can tell us about shock culture & mass shootings, interviewing the Scissors team and even Boll himself for answers. Like it or not, Postal is the franchise that won't die—no matter how many molotov cocktails you throw at it.

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Brock Wilbur is a writer and comedian from Kansas who now lives in Los Angeles. He lives with his wife Vivian and their cat, Cat. He is the author of a forthcoming book about growing up with a adopted Bosnian brother, and an investigative journalism piece where he exposes a cult that has haunted the east coast since the late 70s.

Nathan Rabin is the former head writer of The A.V Club and a staff writer for The Dissolve as well as the author of six books, including The Big Rewind (Scribner), My World of Flops (Scribner), Weird Al: The Book (with Al Yankovic) (Abrams) and most recently 7 Days in Ohio and Kanye & Trump for his own imprint, Declan Haven Books. He is also the proprietor, owner and editor-in-chief of his own website, Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place. He lives in Decatur, Georgia with his wife, dog Ghostface Killah, and son Declan.

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