Boss Fight Books: Season 4 - Creator Access Edition

Big news! We've just launched a new Kickstarter for Boss Fight Season 4 offering five all-new books by six all-new writers.

This time around, every book this season shares one thing in common: unprecedented access to people who made these games. In our first ever Creator Access Edition, you'll meet a diverse group of creators and characters, including:

  • Final Fantasy V  legend Hironobu Sakaguchi
  • Mark Turmell's team behind NBA Jam, including announcer Tim Kitzrow
  • Knights of the Old Republic Lead Designer James Ohlen and Senior Writer Drew Karpyshyn
  • Yacht Club Games, the entire team behind Shovel Knight
  • the team behind Postal, and infamous video game film director Uwe Boll

Check out the Kickstarter page and subscribe to our new season now.

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