Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi (Coming Summer 2014)

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The turn-based tactical role playing series Jagged Alliance has been sequeled, expanded, modded, optioned, multiplayered, and kickstarted, but the series’ many fans usually point to Jagged Alliance 2 as the high water mark, and one of the finest turn-based video games of all time.

Jagged Alliance 2 brings to the table a wicked sense of humor, simulation-driven character design, a combination of strategic overworld and tactical battles reminiscent of the X-COM series, and a surprisingly deep open-world RPG experience reminiscent of the Ultima or Elder Scrolls games.

Focusing on JA2′s development history and basing his book largely on new personal interviews with the game’s developers, game designer and web technology developer Darius Kazemi will delve deep into the legacy of a game that still has much to teach gamers and game-makers 14 years after its release.

Darius Kazemi makes weird internet stuff. His best known work is the Random Shopper, a program that bought him random books, DVDs, and CDs from Amazon each month. He also has a small army of Twitter bots that he builds because they make him laugh. He works as an API Evangelist at Akamai in Boston. Before he moved into internet technology, he was a game developer for ten years.

Also from Boss Fight Books: EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, ZZT, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Galaga.

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